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After a couple of months of using InVideo, I have come to respect its simplistic, intuitive interface. If all you want is a quick marketing video, or you need to repurpose a textual blog post into video format for YouTube, then InVideo may be the only video content creation software you will ever need. Read my InVideo review right here.

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What is InVideo?

In a nutshell, InVideo is an online video content creation service that provides a viable shortcut to producing professional-looking videos without needing years of experience. Even if you have never created a video in your life, InVideo promises to help you produce a video you can be proud of, and with minimal training.

The team at InVideo are always innovating. Since I joined, they have implemented several new features, including layers, shapes, and overlays. Each one is a useful feature for adding an extra level of originality to your creations.

Who Can Benefit from InVideo?

InVideo has created affordable pricing plans, from free to $100/ month, which makes the platform appealing to everyone from small-time bloggers to marketing experts. In the InVideo Facebook group, I see people from all sorts of industries making use of InVideo.

Social media marketing professionals are using it to create videos for their clients. Restaurants are using it to bring attention to their latest tasty creations. Affiliate marketers will find InVideo to be a valuable part of their toolset, and bloggers can use it to add visual appeal to their blog posts.

The InVideo Advantage

To a newcomer who has never produced a video before, the traditional route of using a complicated video editing suite downloaded to a PC can prove intimidating. Most video editing suites are complex affairs which take days or weeks to master.

InVideo has taken the best elements of video creation suites and simplified the creation process. Even complete beginners can produce and upload a finished product to their website or social media platform in less than an hour. 

Your first video may take a little less than an hour, but once you've spent some time with the application, your next videos will take much less time. Or they could take hours because there's a lot you can do with InVideo despite the simple interface. InVideo makes it easy to explore your options as you learn to flex your newly developed creative muscle. 

Make Use of a Growing Selection Templates

Perhaps the most powerful feature for inexperienced video producers is the template section, which includes many designs to suit a wide range of industries, from clothing sales to travel.

The team at InVideo have created over a hundred beautiful templates you can use as a base for your creation, and they regularly update the library to add new ones. Add your own images, videos, and text to make your creation unique.

There is nothing about a template you can't change, so your finished product will bear little resemblance to when you started.

The various social media platforms are well represented in the templates section. Templates have been created for Instagram Stories, and vertical templates are perfect for Pinterest. You also have the traditional horizontal format for YouTube as well.

Use the templates section to quickly punch out listicle style videos, promo videos, intros and outros, and the list goes on.

Editing Features

Compared against industry giants such as Adobe Premiere and Black Magic's Resolve, the InVideo interface looks rather stark in comparison to those cluttered panels. But, given InVideo's target market, the minimalist interface may be just what the doctor ordered.

On the left-hand side, you are given access to media, enhancers, music, text, and personal uploads. Depending on your membership level, you will have access to millions of videos and images. InVideo pulls in material from free image and video footage sources such as PixaBay, which all have the creative commons license applied to them.

If you opt into the enterprise level membership, you are also able to use up to 50 premium videos. The stock footage comes from Shutterstock from their starter collection. Considering just one of these videos would set you back hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase it directly, this represents excellent value for money.

Enhancers are interesting eye candy you can add to your productions. Here is where your true creative will become apparent.

There are thousands of stickers, icons, collage layouts, overlays, and shapes to choose from to add creative flair to your production. The fact that almost all elements can be tweaked and animated only adds to the fun.

invideo review editing features

InVideo Music Selection

There is a reasonable number of royalty-free music tracks to select from in the Music section. A new feature gives you the ability to control the level of volume, so you can easily add quiet background music to your video.

You are also able to upload your own tracks to use in your videos. It's a handy feature you can use to add a voice-over, without having to download and open the video in another application.

Creating a silent video is done by way of selecting the mute track from the list.

Adding Text

There are a ton of text effects you can drag and drop onto your videos to add visual flair. Introduce a personality, add a flashy headline or animated tables for quick visual comparisons between products or pricing plans.

Once you add your text to the timeline, you are free to change everything about it. You can have it fly in from the left, rotate from the right, or bounce onto the screen in place. Change the colors, the fonts, and reposition it to your heart's content.

Bring Your Own Images

It's easy to upload images and videos you buy from stock photos, or video footage you capture yourself.

I have an old Canon EOS 600D and had some problems uploading a video in the camera's original format. However, once I used Handbrake to convert and reduce the file size, it all happened without a hitch. Static images have never given me any problems.

A handy use of the upload feature is that a PNG with a transparent background will retain the transparency once you upload it and add it your video.

I have found this useful for creating headings for vertical videos I use on Pinterest. Plus, you can also add animations to any of your uploads when you include them in a video.

The Timeline and Editing Features

InVideo has chosen a relatively simple approach to the timeline. In the central portion of the screen, you see all of the elements coming together and have what appears to be a single timeline, which may appear limiting.

However, once you start using the software, the timeline does reveal a few interesting features.

Each element you add to a scene has its own timeline. Select the component, and you are then able to control when it appears on the screen, how long it stays, and when it disappears.

There's no way to add keyframes to an element yet. However, InVideo says they are working on adding timelines.

An adaptive menu on the right will change, relative to the type of element you have chosen. If you select a text box, you will see the adjustments you can make to the font, font size, and color. Choose an image, and you will be presented with options for resizing, blurring, and filters.

Selecting a video in the timeline will open up menus to trim, and crop the video. If you want to use a landscape video in the vertical orientation, this is where you can select the best portion.

Every element can have an animation applied to it. Text or an image can fly in from the left, fly out to the right, or zoom or bounce in place. There's a decent number to choose from, but you are still tied to whatever the InVideo team create.

invideo review preview section of interface

The Welcome Addition of Layers

Layers were a missing feature that has since been integrated into the software, which makes modifying your videos a lot easier.

In the past, if I wanted to add a new element underneath an existing item, I would have to start the scene from scratch and add everything in order.

The addition of layers effectively eliminates that drawback. It's simply a matter of dropping the new element in and dragging and dropping it to a new location in the layer's menu. 

What’s Not to Like

There’s not much to dislike about InVideo. It’s not perfect by any means, as there are missing options which would come in handy. 

No Rotating Elements

You can't rotate elements (yet) which is a pain if you want to add a slight angle to your text or images. 

If you're importing vertical videos captured by rotating your camera, you will have to use third-party software to modify its orientation before uploading.

However, I am assured this is a feature that is currently being worked on for later inclusion. The lack of timelines and keyframe animations may put some people off as well.

Update: 05 Aug 2019 - True to their word, the team at InVideo have now included rotatation in the toolset.

The feature applies to any element you add, which allows for a lot more flexibility in your designs.

May be Too Overwhelming for Some

Even though the interface is created to be as straightforward as possible, it may still be overwhelming to complete beginners.

I felt comfortable making my way around the menus after watching an introductory webinar. I was then able to create my first video during my first hour of using InVideo.

It's entirely possible to create a video in a few minutes, but it's fun to take your time and mess about with your creative options.

As a comparison, after whetting my appetite with video creation software through InVideo, I have since started attempting to learn Resolve from Blackmagic.

Resolve is a vast editing suite with tons of features to get your head around, and it will be days before I can create a usable video.

Let me assure you that learning InVideo is a walk in the park compared to learning that monster. I am sure it would be the same with Adobe Premiere. 

Short Video Length

Unless you get the top tier membership, your videos are limited to 3 minutes (or 2 with the free alternative). Even the enterprise version limits you to 10-minutes maximum.

Update: 20-Aug-2019 - All plans for InVideo have been upgraded. The standard pricing plan now gives you 15 minute maximum video lengths and access to 300 premium stock videos per month.

The free version appears to have removed branding, and extends the duration of the video to 5 minutes. 

I'm still dabbling with quick marketing videos for Pinterest, so I haven't come close to this limitation. Other users may feel the pinch, though.

A simple workaround would be to storyboard your longer videos into sub-3-minute chapters and stitch them together using a third-party application such as Resolve or OpenShot.

Both options are free and are relatively simple to learn if all you need from them is to string a bunch of 3-minute videos together.

Branding on the Free Version

You can use InVideo free for as long as you like, but you will have to put up with their logo on all your productions, and a 2-minute maximum on video length.

You are also limited to 720p output resolution. However, you get access to everything else, so you are free to jump in and take your time learning everything there is to know about the application.

I took advantage of a pay once lifetime deal and have the pro version, but for my current situation, the $20 / month option would supply me with enough capability at a personal level.

If you intend to create videos for clients, then the professional or enterprise version both offer excellent value.

As we mentioned before, the Enterprise level lets you use up to 50 premium videos from Shutterstock, which is equivalent to thousands of dollars of value every month. 

Invideo review pricing plans for their video creation software

In Conclusion

social media video content creation made easy

InVideo is an excellent solution for everybody from bloggers to professionals who would like to include video capability into their content production without breaking the bank. It's got enough features to allow for tons of creativity while being simple enough to get up to speed quickly.

The final product produces videos of outstanding quality for which small business such as restaurants and real estate agents would be happy to pay a premium.

A dynamic team at InVideo are always adding new material, templates, and updates to ensure the product remains fresh and brings more value to the table.

So, if you want to create your own videos, or develop a new income stream as video creation software specialist, check out InVideo today. It's free to get started, and you are given all the time you need to put the software through its paces.

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