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As a blogger and small business owner, I know how important social media is to the growth of your business. We’ve all been there – sitting at the keyboard, staring blankly at the screen while waiting for inspiration to strike. These social media content ideas should help.

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Having Trouble Coming up With Social Media Content Ideas?

Social media is an important marketing tool. However, there's no denying that you have more pressing matters than figuring out what your next Facebook or Twitter social media content ideas are going to be.

It can help if you have a social media content ideas strategy. Preferably, one that doesn't involve spending hours every day scouring the internet for useful, engaging content. If you don't keep your audience engaged, you can bet that your competition is doing their best to lure them over. 

Here are just a few ideas you can use to jump-start inspiration so you can get back to taking care of your business. 

1. User Generated Content

user generated content for social media

User-generated content is content published by your customers. It may be an Instagram of them using your product, or a testimonial where they have contacted your business directly. 

Brands have been able to achieve massive levels of trust and authority by sharing user-generated content. Plus, it does provide for some level of bragging rights as your customers proudly show off your mention to their friends. 

Keep an eye on your social media feeds and be on the lookout for content featuring your business or being created by one of your products. Share it and make sure to give credit where it's due. 

2. Livestreaming

Livestreaming is huge on social media now. A few hours before you plan to go live send out a notification to your audience informing them of the event. Getting a few eyeballs in at the beginning will help give momentum, so more viewers arrive. 

Livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube is incredibly versatile. You can save it for your audience for later, so anybody who couldn't make the live event can still watch it. 


Use the comments section to promote the products you are discussing, answer questions as they arrive, or do a product reveal to attract highly qualified leads.

3. VR Content

Virtual reality hasn't had the impact many people thought it would have, but it still has enough of a market to make VR content a compelling option. 

There's nothing quite like VR to show off a new location or product with a VR tour. It's the next best thing to being there. 

You will need a 360 VR Camera to capture your content. The other great thing about VR is that your non-VR capable audience can still engage with your content, but it won't be as immersive. 

4. Customer Testimonials

social media idea for content testimonials

Statistics show that people believe a video testimonial almost as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. 

If you occasionally sprinkle your news feed from satisfied customers raving about your products or services, you will generate a lot of trust and confidence in people who are so far still on the fence about buying from you. 

You can ask your customers to create their own video testimonial with their phone or webcam. 

Better results will be possible, though, if you can get them to agree to a shoot using trained professionals.

You can reach more of your audience by using the testimonial as evergreen content in your favorite social media content scheduler.

5. Online Guides

There are many industry niches with audiences that are hungry to learn new things. Home organization tips, saving energy, living more sustainably, or getting a baby to sleep are all areas where people are desperate for information which has the potential to improve their lives. 

Create a guide and share it on social media if your business operates in a niche where you can improve your audience's daily lives.

A short and quick report could be given away for free, but you could charge a nominal fee for a more in-depth document to create an additional income stream.

The free social media news feed is an option. If your goal is lead generation, then a paid promotion or two would get your content in front of more interested eyeballs.

6. Infographics

Infographics aren't the best media for increasing click-through rates to your website. The average infographic is so jam-packed with information your readers will have little reason to visit your website for more details.

However, as a social media post which gets the most shares, infographics have no equal. Infographics are appealing because of our inbuilt ability to process visual information much faster than text. 

Reading requires an effort but looking at an image is easy. If you're looking for a way to increase your brand exposure without necessarily being worried about hits to your website, then give infographics a try. 

7. Interactive Posts

social media content ideas interactive posts

All of your social media profiles will benefit from engagement, and this is why interactive posts are all the rage right now. 

Social media savvy online marketing entrepreneurs have woken up to the fact that posting interactive content is the best way to achieve growth. 

Examples you could use on your news feed would be to ask engaging questions on social media or post a quiz.

Light and easy questions add to the fun. You want to spark emotions, but you don't want to create a hostile environment. Try to keep your engaging social media questions on the brighter side of life.

Quizzes can provide valuable feedback about your product or service while also increasing the engagement level.

Easy Scheduling of Your Social Media Post Ideas

You now have a ton of ideas for engaging your audience, but how do you find the time to ensure your social media channels are always active?

You're busy running your business and don't have time to sit in front of the computer posting to this channel and that for hours at a time.

The answer is to use a social media content scheduler. A lot of your content will be promotional and therefore evergreen. You don't have to remember to post this type of content every week when you plug it into a social media content scheduling tool.

If your needs are modest, many scheduling tools have everything you need in their free models. As your needs grow, you can switch to the paid plans for more versatility.

I use SocialBee as my social media content scheduler of choice. I've tried out a few others, and SocialBee wins out in functionality for the price.

The most important feature for me is the Pinterest scheduler, but I also make extensive use of the software's Facebook and Twitter posting capabilities. 

socialbee social media content scheduler

How SocialBee Makes Social Media Posting Easy

SocialBee makes it easy to set up your content so you are posting variety and don't get too promotional or samey. Content categories allow you to organize your different types of content into a specific 'bucket.'

You can also create variations of your posts. This is a powerful feature for evergreen content and Pinterest pins as it allows you to create variety in your descriptions and mix up your keywords, images, and hashtags even though you are promoting the same content.

I usually create 4 or 5 different variations of pins and Twitter posts so my feed always has variety.

You can then go about setting up your schedule so SocialBee takes content from each bucket and posts it at a time you specify.

You also get access to some very handy analytical features to keep tabs on how much you are posting each day, Twitter followers, and viewer interactions.

SocialBee isn't free, but if your social media strategy is important for growth, it could be a great investment for your business. They have a 14-day free trial so it doesn't cost anything to check out all of its features.

In Conclusion

social media content ideas pin

Now that you have a few more ideas about what to post on social media, you can escape from the keyboard sooner and get back to the real work. 

However, before you go peppering your newsfeed with different types of posts, take some time to find out what content your audience most wants to see. Taking this step will ensure you get the best traction from your posts.

Keep testing and trying new thing. Also, it never hurts to ask directly, so try checking in with your audience to find out more about what their favorite types of posts may be.

Leigh has been working as a professional content creator for the last 7 years, providing unique, engaging articles for web sites and blogs. His educational background is in web development, marketing, and IT,  which provides him a broad range of experiences to draw from in his writing. Leigh's content strikes the fine balance needed to give your human readers an engaging article, while also providing the search bots what they need for correctly ranking your site. Leigh prides himself on providing excellent customer service and always enjoys meeting and working with new clients. Contact Leigh today for all your content needs. 

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