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Invisibility may be an advantage for a creature living in the jungle that wants to avoid becoming dinner. However, not being seen in an increasingly crowded marketing space is never a good thing, and we would all prefer to reach out to everyone, capture a wider audience, and make more sales. Here’s how to attract more customers to your online store.

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Tips on How to Attract More Customers to Your Online Business

Growing your business means reaching prospects who need your products and services but may have never heard of you. Every company will have an unreachable market segment. Children aren’t going to be interested in an insurance plan, for instance, but markets change, and kids grow up. 

The more visible you are, the more successful you will be. Read on to find out how you can change “never heard of you” to “your company name sounds familiar” because that can make all the difference when it comes to trust and making that all-important first sale.

Build Trust and Recognition Through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a soft-sell non-interruptive marketing strategy that foregoes the hard sell by adding value before any financial transactions occur. 

Your content establishes you as a trusted authority who solves problems and delivers solutions based on a prospect’s goals and pain points. By serving up your experience and expertise, your potential customer has an opportunity to get to know and trust you. 

Educating your prospect opens up opportunities for future sales. Your offers to help them will be welcomed rather than ignored or sent to the spam folder. When a prospect has success with your organization before spending any money, they are much more likely to purchase from your company over your competitor when they are ready to buy.

Why? Because, even though they have not committed any money, you have already proven that you are there for them.

How Do You Set Up Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing can take many forms, but in a general sense, it’s all about educating and solving problems without financial compensation. Just a few ideas you can use to attract prospects who don’t yet know you include:

Free guides – A free guide can be a huge source of organic traffic. Neil Patel’s guide to SEO is an excellent example of creating a free guide to bring in more traffic.

Optimize for targeted keywords – Most inbound traffic arrives from the search engines, but you will need to work for it. Find your most profitable keywords, and then get to work optimizing your site for them. The goal is to get your site on the first page results for anybody researching those keywords. 

Get active on social media – Social media may not be your most significant source of conversions, but that shouldn’t be your goal on these platforms. Instead, use your reach on social media to engage with your audience. Ask questions. Answer questions. Respond to posts and generally be present.

Email Popups – You might think these are annoying, but the fact is, email popups work, and building an email list is still one of the most effective ways to engage with new leads and prospects. You do need to have value-adding content to share, though, or you will find your signups unsubscribing as fast as they join. 

Add a blog to your site – There are many reasons why a blog will benefit your e-commerce business. A blog feeds Google’s insatiable appetite for fresh new content. You also increase your chances at ranking for more keywords, with each new piece of content a potential new stream to add the already flowing traffic.

attract customers to online store

As you may have guessed, attracting new customers to your e-commerce business who have never heard of you is all about reaching them and creating a relationship before they even know they are ready to buy. The more value you can add before the sale, the more likely you will avoid the spam filters and achieve a conversion.

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