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my four girls

Hi there! I’m Leigh from Australia, and I'm a blogger Dad who has been carving out a modest living freelance writing online since about 2009. I live in a female dominated household with four crazy, messy, gorgeous daughters who sometimes make me feel like I know what it would be like to live with aliens. I've certainly learned when to put my head down and keep out of the way (most of the time).  

This blog has been created to promote my business and other services on the platform I call my office (Fiverr). But, it's also where I will write about the stuff I enjoy and experience.

I'm a computer nerd and gamer and I enjoy learning how the web works and how it all fits together so these are the types of articles you can expect to see in the future, but probably some other stuff as well, maybe. 

Hi there! I’m Leigh from Australia. I’ve been creating online content for websites since 2009. During this time I have also been involved with affiliate marketing, website design, and social media marketing, so I understand what your audience needs. 

If you're looking for great content at an affordable price then I'm your guy. I'm just a button click away, so if you have any questions or need help with your online content don't hesitate to get in contact with me. Or, just click the button and check out the awesome reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients I have received over the years. 

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